Calculate Inch to Cm and Sample Example

Understand Inch

The inch unit is a unit of length in the Imperial unit system.

Inch units in Indonesian are translated in inches. The major imperial units are used by countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and several other countries in America and Europe.

However, this inch unit is known in the standard length for certain commercial products around the world, for example, the size of objects in inches long units, namely the size of printed materials, the size of machine parts and the screen size of electronic devices such as computers, Mobile phones and GPS, tv, digital clock and paper formats: a4, f4, f5, etc.
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Inch to cm

The writing of this inch unit is usually done with an in symbol or a symbol “(double quotes).

For example: Writing on 12-inch numbers can be written as a 12-inch or 12-inch number.
Conversion to inches units (“)

1 inch (“) = 25.4 mm
1 inch (“) = 2.54 cm
1 inch (“”) = 0.254 dm
1 inch (“”) = 0.0254 m
1 inch (“) = 1/12 feet (feet / feet)
1 inch (“) = 1/36 y (yard)
Understand CM units

Units of cm, like units of inches, are also units of length describing an object.

CM, or usually read as centimeters, is a system of CGS units for a length. The international unit of length is meters. This centimeter unit is located in a measuring ladder on two levels after the counter.

In Indonesia, the unit for the length that is often used is inches or inches away from the inches. Even for sizes intended to clarify the height of an object, inches are rarely used.
1 inch how many cm
1 inch how many cm
1 inch How many cm?

The answer is 1 inch = 2.54 cm
Calculate the formula from inch to Cm
Calculation of the conversion from inches to cm

Counting inches to inches is very easy. The first thing we need to know is how many inches is 1 inch? This is our basis for later calculation of the same unit.
1 inch in size cm is 2.54 cm and is usually rounded to 2.5 cm.

As for the opposite 1 cm is 0.4 inches. So now we can start counting inches to inches in other numbers.
Calculation / conversion formula of inches in cm

… .inch x 2,54 = … cm
Sample questions and discussion

Example Problem 1:
If you know that a laptop has a screen with a diagonal of 14 inches. How long is the diagonal of the laptop screen in cm?
It is known that 1 inch = 2.54 cm
14 inches = 14 × 2.54 = 35.56 inches
The diagonal of the laptop screen is therefore 35.56 cm
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Example 2:
It is known that the diameter of a PVC parlor is ¾ inch. What is the centimeter of the diameter of the PVC paralon tube?
It is known that 1 inch = 2.54 cm
≤ inch = ≤ x 2, 54 = 1.905
The diameter of the PVC pipe is therefore 1.905 cm

Example problem 3:
A 100-inch ruler. How long is the fence in cm?
It is known that 1 inch = 2, 54 cm
So 100 inches = 100 × 2, 54 = 254 cm
So: The length of the fence is 254 cm

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Example 4:

It is known that a 5-inch screen mobile phone. Calculate how many cm is the screen size?

Example 5:

A 10-inch paper is known. Calculate the size of the paper when converting to cm?

So today’s discussion about 1 inch what is Cm? Hopefully it can offer benefits …

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